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Camaro Fifty Events Vlog | Frezza Vlog #21

Camaro Fifty Events Vlog Hi every one! In this Vlog, we are participating in the events for the Camaro’s 50th Birthday celebrations. Day 1 is at the Lansing Grand River Assembly Plant where they build the Camaro.  My good buddy Jason Port of flew in from California and picked me up.  We both headed out to attend and cover… Read More
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The Chevrolet Camaro is Born

The Chevrolet Camaro is Born The following article was written by our good friend Scott “The Fbodfather” Settlemire back on June 28, 2011 to tell the story of how Camaro got it’s name and to celebrate it’s Birthday.  Enjoy. June 29, is an important date in Camaro history – it’s the date that the Camaro was actually “Christened”…………. The other… Read More