Tribute to the FbodFather

Tribute to the FbodFather

Andrew Garcia wanted to create a Tribute to Scott “The FbodFather” Settlemire with his 2016 Camaro SS.  Scott has been a true inspiration to his life working for Chevrolet and Camaro in general.  With Scott’s approval, this is what Andrew has come up with.  We thought it was pretty darn cool!

Andrew wrote “Will be installing tonight, my new TrunkLid on “Tribute” my 2016 Camaro SS. It is a Tribute to Scott Settlemire the “FbodFather” who told us to always keep the faith when times got hard for #Camaro. Our voice on the Internet to connect CHEVROLET and #TeamCamaro with the online community! For all of you who hasn’t had the pleasure of meeting this great inspirational man, you are truly missing out! He has inspired me to work for CHEVROLET and introduced me to my first F-body. My 1994 RS in the photos below: it was the start of being a friend, pal, & comrade as we know that is the French-English dictionary meaning of “Camaro”… My father introduced me to his Camaro when I was born with his 89 Iroc-Z and my passion and desire for the Chevy Brand and Camaro, in general, will never die and I hope to pass it down to my kids and let the next generation of Camaro Owners know about the 50 year history and the Men that made it happy! Thank you, Scott, for never letting us down and in your words “Keeping the Faith”

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  1. […] Garcia wanted to create a Tribute to Scott “The FbodFather” Settlemire with his 2016 Camaro SS. We thought it was incredibly […]

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